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about me

In a nutshell music is something I picked up and never put down. I’ve grown to love it over the years. I started rapping in my early teens. The usual worldly topics were my subjects. When I got older I started to perform in college, clubs, bars, open mics, basically anywhere that would allow me to flex my skills. I got into the church in the beginning of 2012; I got saved mid year. I wrote my first “gospel rap” song (Praise You) just for the fun of it. I knew I couldn’t perform in the club anymore this gave me a chance to do what I really loved in church. My pastor and church family LOVED it so much they made me perform it twice the same service. However, from being so accustomed to the secular side and not fully understanding the gift that God had given me I was actually going to quit rapping because I thought it would hinder my new walk with God.  He had other plans! New Year’s Eve of 2013 I woke up in my car totaled and DRUNK with no recollection of how I even got into a wreck. I thought the whole ordeal was a dream; then police showed up. Long story short God not only spared my life that night, but He also kept me out of jail and blessed me wit a brand new car less than a week later. Since the night of that accident I’ve given my life completely to Him. Still having no intentions of ever becoming a gospel rapper, crying out on the altar February 22, 2013, I received the Holy Ghost. The spirit used to wake me up out my sleep with verses about the glory of God and I would write them down. Before I knew it I was in the studio recording them and I’ve been doing it ever since.
Now I can proudly say I’m Fully Committed. 100% or repent!