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Self Manifestation: The Seed EP

Self Manifestation: The Seed EP

1. Upon This Rock 04:04
2. God Is Good 04:02
3. Walk By Faith 04:42
4. Go Hard For The Cross 04:24
5. What Adam Should've Did 03:34
6. Changed 04:02
7. Church Girl 03:10
8. Take Em To Church 03:15
About album

An encouragement for everyone to find their God given gift and use it!

Artist: Grayce N' Mercy
Genre: Gospel Rap
Publisher: Fully Committed Production Group
Release Date: 22/02/2019
Label: Fully Committed Production Group

Upon This Rock

Beat by Youngchild
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

Manifest Your Gift Speech by Myles Monroe and Steve Harvey

Right upon this rock imma build my church/
From the earth to the dirt imma put in work/
I see the devil as he lurk, he gon get hurt/
We put God first, mess around he gon get served/
I ain't talking no subpoena, I ain't talking dancing/
And I ain't worried about no sickness, I rebuke cancer/
I praise The Lord all day, not no lame Santa/
If you mad, get glad, homey you can blame Shanta/
Cause my mother ain't raise no sucker, I ain't no Blow Pop/
You act hard but you really soft like a Blow Pop/
I'm like, "let these devils know Pop"/
And when He start beating on you then you known I'm yelling, "GO POP!"/
We gon 'Rock,' Nick Cage, Sean Connery/
Go hard til I hit the jackpot, lottery/(no I don't gamble)
Im feeling down, read a psalm or three/
Or hit my knees and call Heaven like, "HEY I NEED MY FATHER PLEASE!"/
(EMERGENCY!) I need Your glory 911/
(Send back up) That's the Father, Holy Spirit, Son/
Rebuke these devils, oh Lord they got me on the run/
I ain't no hater but they trying to crush me Pop! (Big Pun)/
Thats when the Big Son came out/
A double-edged sword and He spitting flames now/
There's power in His name, He breaking every chain now/
We tired of the nonsense lets change the game around/

Right upon this rock imma build my church

God Is Good

Beat by Wizz Kid
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

Walk By Faith

Beat by Miracles Happen Productions
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

When things ain't going right/
Walk by faith and not by sight/
Your future ain't lookin bright?/
Walk by faith and not by sight/
You feel you always gotta fight?/
Walk by faith and not by sight/
Not by strength and not by might/
Walk by faith and not by sight/

Jesus! Lord please crucify this flesh/
Lord I hope I pass this test/
Feel ain't got nobody left/
And Lord if you don't move/
Then I don't know what to do/
Lift my hands and call on you/
Lord I know your word is true/
You know that I believe, but please help my unbelief/
While I'm out here in these streets/
Pray your blood it covers me/
Dear Lord protect me from dangers seen and the ones unseen/
I don't wanna be unclean/
I'm just tryna live my dreams/

But this life here that I'm living it got me blowed and tripping/
Not a lick of food in the kitchen/
Man this stress it got me sippin/
On this Martinelli blowed cause I wish it was something stronger/
Lord I can't take it no longer, feel my whole dang life is a goner/
My light bill is past due, and my rent it was due last week/
And I'm running low on my gas now, and I'm starting to feel like you mad at me/
Cause I ask for help like everyday but it keep on getting worst now/
Tell the pastor pray for me every week when I'm in the church now/
He told me trust God, keep faith, praise the Lord in spite son/
The joy comes when the nights done/
Everything gon be aight son/
I know it's easier said than done but you just keep on praying/
And if your spirit ever start breaking/
Just know you’re never forsakin/


Well You gave me another chance so I guess I’ll keep on striving/
And they say that You the living water so excuse me while I dive in/
Or call me Peter cause I’m about to step up out this boat Lord/
If it’s You then bid me to come Jesus and He replied, “go for it!”/
So I keep my eyes on You and by faith I keep on walking/
If I ever slip and start sinking then You can save me with a dolphin/
Cause I once was an orphan so thank You for adopting me/
And I’m tryna die to my self Lord so I can live properly/


(Luke 12:48, Galatians 6:9, Proverbs3:5)


Go Hard For The Cross

Beat by Miracles Happen Productions
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

We go hard for the cross/
We got saved, not soft/
So shout out to Jesus cause He the boss/
And if our gospel hid from you its cause you’re lost/

Verse 1:
I was lost but now I'm found, for the Lord I hold it down/
He's the king who wears the crown, I got joy don't wear no frown/
When my boys are in your town then you know we bring that heat/
If you don't accept the word we preach we sweep the dust up off our feet/
Because we seek to bring peace from the Jew unto the gentile/
(When yall start acting like this?) lil buddy you know we been wild/
So you know we gonna win now, we no longer live in sin now/
And we glorify Him when we on these instrumentals/
Cause we use to be them thugs up in the club who throwed it up/
Feel I ain't drunk enough so get a cup and pour it up/
Celebrate st patricks day in GA to Orange Crush/
Living in bondage Satan had a ugly hold on us/
Then you told us clean it us up so we spit these Holy bars now/
Evangelize to the ladies and the guys up at the job now/
They told us tone it down because we saved and live for God now/
But He took us out the streets It's only right that we go hard now/


Verse 2
I was blind but now I see, G-o-d he set me free/
You can catch me at His feet as I worship on my knees/
Dear Lord deliver me from greed, lust, envy and plus that wrath/
Pride, gluttony, sloth but I ain't moving to fast/
Cause in the past I done crashed and had a bad accident/
I cried, I should’ve died but you brought me back again/
And them that wait upon the Lord, then He shall renew their strength/
They will mount up on wings of eagles and start to soar with Him/
So keep us arms length, just enough for you to reach out/
And give us this day our daily bread, no we ain’t trying to eat out/
The sign that’s on our heart says DO NO ENTER DEVIL KEEP OUT/
As soon as we begin to speak out peeps already know what we bout/
Go hard or go home, praise God, He’s on the throne/
His arm is so strong, put stars in the ozone/
If you feel you’re so alone, just call Him wit no phone/
He’s the chief cornerstone you already know homes/


Matthew 10:32-33
So go hard or go home! 8x


What Adam Should've Did

Beat by Rockbox
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

Ephesians 5:25-27

(Taste so sweet)
I love you Eve dearly, girl you know you got my heart/
(Taste so sweet)
Even if its hard don’t turn your back on God/
(Taste so sweet)
Flesh of flesh, bone of my bone, He made you from my rib/
(Taste so sweet)
Its Grayce N’ Mercy and this what Adam should’ve did/

I can't believe you let a snake deceive you/
And ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil/
If you wanted food you could've asked me to feed you/
As a husband I’ll provide if you submit and let me lead you/
No I ain't gon leave you we all make mistakes/
God will cover us in His grace if we repent and seek His face/
I need you on my side as we proceed to run this race/
You're the future mother of my kids and I can't wait/
To show you all the things God provided in the garden/
The eagles, the parrots, hummingbirds and robins/
Keep ya head up babe no don't be downtrodden/
God is faithful when the enemy be speaking all that jargon/
So put up your guard when that devil start the talking/
And my iron match your iron so let's keep each other sharpened/
We hear the voice of God, it’ll be easy to harken/
Casting down every wicked imagination quick with no problem/


I'll give you my all but I ain't tryna fall/
God gave one command this far and I ain't tryna break the law/
If I ate the fruit from the tree it'll probably break my jaw/
And I need my mouth to praise oops I think I heard His call/
(Adam where are thou?) Lord I know this might look crazy/
But I'm having a conversation with the woman that You gave me/
She made a big mistake and it was really heartbreaking/
But You not into leaving or forsaking and I really am praying/
That You'll have mercy, Cause I know we're not worthy/
But I don't want You to get upset and start cursing/
Talking about pain and hurting through child birthing/
Her desire will be for her husband, she'll spend her life serving/
We know You made the earth and man in Your image/
Rested on the seventh day when You saw the work was finished/
So we forsake the tree we don't even need Your vision/
Living a life of repentance, straight submitting to your wisdom/



Beat by TwanBeatMaker
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

Yeah we used hang, back when I used to bang/
But through Jesus I’ve been changed and you say I ain’t the same homey/
Yeah we use to hang, back when I used to bang/
But my life ain’t the same, its a shame you went and changed on me/

Yes I’m a Christian, this fact never fiction/
Since I gave my life to The Lord you’ve been acting a little different/
Don’t know exactly why you flipping, just sit back and take a listen/
Cause you treat me like I wasn’t ya homey back when I cripping/
Tripping since I joined the church I see we talking less/
Cause I said YES! to my Jesus and you know I’m walking blessed/
But the condition of our friendship it has me often stressed/
You was my ninja to the death when we repped the same set/
But I left that life behind me now I’m a new creature/
Instead of banging wit my locs, now I’m praising with the preacher/
Used to rap together all the time, can’t even get a feature/
Used to hit you on my line, now it so hard to reach ya/


Now Jesus said have faith cause we would be persecuted/
Just didn’t know that my co called friends would be the ones to do it/
Know what they say if He bring you to it He gon bring you through it/
Use ya faith of a mustard seed and watch that mountain start the moving/
Aint worried about no losing cause we on the winning side/
And if you hating cause I’m saved, don’t wanna be my friend then BYE/
I hope you get yourself together and repent before you die/
You either spend eternity with Christ or go to hell where you gon fry/
Ha, the devil is a lie and there aint no truth in him/
He’s the serpent in the garden, deceived Eve with all his venom/
Roaming as a roaring lion and he seeking his next victim/
But I got these smooth rocks and I’m guaranteed to hit him cuz/

Pslams 27:1-5 NKJV


Church Girl

Produced by Jason Margiela
Mix and mastered by Certified Banga Productions

Never have I ever ever met a love like this before/
Fine from head to toe, my heart stopped when she hit the door/
She’s my Christmas gift straight from God, he wrapped her with a bow/
Love to give her kiss and I don’t even need a mistletoe/
Got a glow like Moses when he came from down Sanai/
Man I’m so glad that this woman came in my life/
People always tripping cause how quick I made you my wife/
But I had to make sure that you never left
my side/
Baptized you and the kids girl I’m so honored/
Everyday I wake up next to you it’s like you’re getting finer/
Til death do us part baby we don’t need a timer/
July 7th every single year is known as our reminder/
Of how the Lord above always answers prayer/
Glory to the King all praise to the savior/
My good thing has come and I have obtained His favor/
Can’t wait to see what He has later/

Hook 2x
I’m in love with a church girl/
And she rocked my whole world/

Verse 2:
Ohhh I see you praising in them high heels/
Shed a tear in worship girl and let me know that jive real/
Give you that look and you knowing just how I feel/
Got ya Sunday’s best on and you looking like a live meal/
Netflix and chill anytime that we liking/
The marriage bed is undefiled so come on here and slide in/
Stylin that hair to stack that money to the sky and/
I’m vibing the way that you be faithfully tithing/
Dive in that word, gon study to show thyself approved/
Full of that temperance so you’re rarely being rude/
To tell the truth girl I thank God for that other dude/
For the time wasted hurting girl Im gon make up loving you/
Let nothing trouble you baby I don’t recommend it/
Submitted your life back to God girl and you repented/
Rest of my life with you, yes I’m guaranteed spend it/
Ray and Chanell Ragland #ShearCommittment/


Take Em To Church

Beat by Certified Banga Productions
Mix and master by Certified Banga Productions

HOOK 2x:
Take em to church/(take em to what?)
Take em to church/(take em to church!)
Take em to church/(take em to church!)
Take em to church/(Aayyy ayyyy)
Won’t you come get these lessons/
So you can get your blessings/

VERSE 1: Twiz
Now when I wake up in the morning, everyday it feel like Sunday/
Giving praise unto The Lord, and let Him rain down all His blessings/
Just a soul created in His image living for my purpose/
The devil pay him no mind cause I’m blessed above the surface/
Now when done all been hurt before, but through Christ you can heal/
Equipped for the battle, spirit my sword, faith my shield/
So It’s no need to worry, He’ll provide all your needs/
Just believe through Him, faith of a mustard seed/
And all you gotta do is read, in the book is His word/
Hypocrites in the game so make sure that you learn/
That He died for you and me, forgave all your sins/
You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, Jesus Christ is your friend/
And I pray it never ends cause it’s hell on this earth/
God gave His only begotten sun to ensure of you worth/
So make sure that you listen I’m trying to teach you these lessons/
It’s only one place to go so you can get all these blessings/


VERSE 2: Grayce N’ Mercy
To blessed to be stressed so all these lessons we ain't worried about/
Confessing our sins because it's G-O-D we servin now/
It's a sermon now? Well hop in the whip and then we swervin out/
Holy Ghost and fire turned high up my flesh is burnin now/
(Never turn around) Cause I aint tryna be no pillar of salt/
(This discernment wow) Rebuking the devil tryna hinder my thoughts/
(And we worship now) How in the world did He die on that cross/
No Rozay, but He rose on the third day like He’s a boss/
Paid the cost for our sins so that you an I could live/
So you better turn and repent before the apocalypse/
No it ain't much, but still my all is what imma give/
Praise the Most High ain't nothin sittin on top of this/
Storms rocking this boat I guarantee ain't gon break em/
No stopping this hope we just lift our hands up and praise Him/
Lost souls in this world and we gotta do the work to save em/
Once I get they attention I know exactly where imma take em/
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